The Power of Instagram

5 reasons why it’s worth your time

I almost deleted Instagram last month… uggggg. I was so fed up with having to keep up with this petty thing and had similar conversations with a crazy amount of people feeling the same way. I just wanted to boycott the whole thing and be done with it (another post about this coming soon)!! But I decided not to… here are 5 reasons why I chose to keep investing in it and why I think it’s still worth our time:

1. Networking.

Instagram is great for following what your friends are doing but it’s also a fantastic way to connect with new like-minded individuals too. I’ve seen this first hand and cannot believe the power Instagram has to bring people together. Why?

a) All of the donations for Migail (my husband) and I’s non-profit, Rural Reach, come through Instagram alone (yep, you read that right… it’s crazy). In fact, we just had a journalist come up to write a story about our organization this weekend. I asked her how she found out about us (we’re still super small) and she said through Instagram’s “explore” page. She saw one of our picture pop up on there, went to our account, and said she read every post and knew she needed to contact us.

b) A large portion of new MDK Services business comes via Instagram as well. And a lot of times, it’s not just because they saw one post and clicked through. No, they generally follow my account for months and usually decide to enquire because they have gotten to know and trust the person they are going to work with. Remember that most people would way rather work with someone they respect and admire more than someone with a higher skill set. It’s a brilliant tool to connect with your customers/clients on a deeper level.

Working on a client with a team represented from around the globe. Pictured here from South Africa, Indonesia, Germany, and Australia.

c) Most of MDK’s contractors were also hired due to Instagram. All of our contractors have contacted me, generally through Instagram, asking if we had any job openings. We didn’t even have to post them! The thing I love about it is that they are all over the world and making this lifestyle work for them as well. Our first full-time social media manager lives in the Philippines and contacted me via Instagram out of the blue. We’ve never met but she is one of the most loyal, dedicated, hard-working individuals I have ever come across and I love her so dearly.  Instagram, people, Instagram!!!

d) Heck, I couldn’t have quit my job and launched my business if it wasn’t for Instagram!

Virtual work allows me to work from anywhere and any time

2. Encouragement.

While Instagram can be a nasty tool for comparison and mechanism to steal joy, it can also be an amazing source of encouragement. There have been so many times where I was struggling with something personally and I read a post of someone sharing a similar struggle and it meant so much to me. I love it when people use the platform for good, to share the highs and the lows, and encourage others in similar situations. I truly sincerely hope my account does the same for others out there as well.

3. Learning.

While we all know you can’t take everything as truth, I learn a lot of new things through scrolling on my feed. I find new podcasts to listen to, blog posts that friends have shared, new DIY tips, etc. etc. I’m actually taking part in a nutrition course right now (+ loving it!!) and found it solely through Instagram.

4. Inspiration.

When you follow accounts that align with your passions and interests, it can be so motivating! Sometimes when I’m lacking the motivation to run or exercise and I see someone else smashing their workout, it can be so inspiring to get out and do the same. I also love trying new recipes I see or going to a new restaurant that I saw someone try out. It definitely inspires me to live life to the fullest.

Love following @earthyandy for food and exercise inspo

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a sucker for those classic #inspo quotes or bible verses too 😉 Often times I’ll save them on my phone and go back to them in times that I need some inspiration.

5. Connections.

Lastly, how cool is it that we can live scattered around the world, often away from the people we love the most, and still see what our friends/family are to feeling like we’re a part of their lives. I know that our generation is too connected, but have you ever stopped to think about how blessed we are? I love seeing how my nieces and nephews are growing when I can’t be there, what my friends overseas are getting up to, and catching up with friends I’ve lost contact with as well. One of MDK’s contractors is my oldest friend to date (see photo below). We were best friends from the age of 2 to about 8 but lost contact over the years. Through Instagram, we reconnected last year. She’s now a dear friend of mine again AND we get to work together. How cool is that?? It never would’ve happened without this obscure app full of pictures.

Circa 2019. Now Kaitlin and I have reconnected through social media.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not, I repeat not, a post encouraging you to use Instagram more. I FULLY believe in the importance of using it within limitations and making sure you have good boundaries in place. If you are finding yourself wasting too much time on it, or comparing yourself to others a little too often, get off it, man! Your health and sanity are much more important than this program on your phone.

But lately, I’ve just been hit with the realization of how cool this little app is and what an amazing tool it can be if used in the right way. Especially for small business owners! Learn to use it right and use it well, because it’s a pretty powerful thing.

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Would love to hear your thoughts about all of this in the comments! Migail and I have been talking a lot about the balance of how much to share on social media and what boundaries to put in place. Any thoughts on this? Would love to hear your opinion! Would you like a blog post about that topic?