The attention your work deserves

The attention your work deserves


Hi, I’m Morgan de Klerk

I’m an accountant and finance guru passionate about helping small business owners & digital nomads get on top of their finances. If you feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to money or maybe you just don’ t have time to even think about it, let’s get connected. I’d love to be of service to you!
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  • “Morgan has been a huge asset to my team, I was really struggling to find someone who got me and my business and when I found Morgan she seemed just perfect! and I was right, she has been a dream to work with in so many ways. I run 2 businesses included a wedding photography agency and a coaching business so my work is quite varied. But Morgan was great she is so organised and has a system in place for everything, she is just my kind of girl! She has been a huge blessing to my business from day 1, and the results of her hard work have been fruitful almost instantly! If I hadn’t had Morgan on board this would never have happened, so thank you so much! I cannot imagine how I coped without you!”
    Amber Leach | Liberty Pearl Photo & Film 
  • “Working with Morgan has been nothing but exceptional. Her extreme competence over accounting and finance really shines through her work. She always shows a great deal of professionalism mixed with her genuine compassion. I highly recommend working with Morgan and look forward to working with her again soon!”
    Jordan Ross | Ernst & Young
  • “Before I hired Morgan my accounts were a mess. I had no idea my revenue, average expenses, what we could afford to do or not do, etc. My business and team grew quickly but my money management skills did not. I am the founder, the creative, the designer…not the money expert. Morgan is not only an expert but she is also PASSIONATE about getting our systems in order. She’s excited about everything I loathe to do and is a joy to work with on top of that. I recommend her to everyone that wants a real financial pro on their side.”
    Esther Inman | The Content Bank
  • “Morgan takes care of all the aspects of our business that I hate to do allowing me the freedom to do what I like to do.
    She is super efficient…a doer….she is quick to implement effective processes.
    She is also super pleasant to work with. She is gutsy and I admire that!”
    Terry Bridge | WoodBridge
  • “Professional at all times and provides an excellent service! Morgan goes above and beyond for her clients and always does her best to meet their needs. Highly recommend her to anyone.”
    Elske Lawton | Top Tutoring Academy 
  • “Morgan is the type of person who excels at everything she does. She is a good, honest, kind, hard-working person, and I had the pleasure of working with her throughout her time in Student Government at the University of North Florida. She served as the Treasurer of the finances of Student Government’s 4.5 million dollar budget. She oversaw the budgeting process for the fiscal year, which meant hearing budget requests from over 21 different entities (one of which included 200+ student clubs that had to prepare and present requests themselves), spending countless hours preparing a complete and balanced budget for all those entities, and presenting that budget to a committee of her peers to amend and approve the budget through that committee and subsequently the student senate. During this process, Morgan demonstrated a level of professionalism, attention to detail, and integrity that far exceeded that of many other students that had previously held that role. As an Accountant myself, I can attest to her skills in the accounting field, and I highly recommend her for any of your accounting needs.”
    Erin Byrd | University of North Florida 
  • “Know that when you work with Morgan, she will always go the extra mile to make sure that what you need is done and done well. I’ve known and worked with Morgan over five years, and had the chance to work with her as well. She has always been driven by a strong work ethic and has exceptional technical skills. Additionally, she is fantastic to work with and has the perfect combination of professionalism and personality. She is especially good in team settings, helping your team reach a common mindset and therefore accomplishing your business goals.
    I like to call Morgan the “full package”. There are not many people who can excel at maintaining your books and financial records AND sell your product at the same time. Morgan will provide your business with great value in service, representation, and in growth. I have seen Morgan grow many different organizations with her leadership and accounting skills, creating added value in your business that stays even after she has transitioned to another client.
    Morgan respects her clients, maintains confidentiality in accurate financial record-keeping, and will seek out new and creative ways to boost your business. Hiring Morgan for your next budgeting process will surely leave you seeking more opportunities for Morgan to assist your team.”
    Julia Incinelli | Carr, Riggs & Ingram
  • “Stunning lady inside and out! Such a pleasure to work with!”
    Nu Davidson | Nu Experiences 
  • “Having worked with Morgan before, I’d like to vouch for her admirable work ethic and commitment to the task at hand. These are simple values yet still strangely elusive in so many businesses.
    Apart from these values, Morgan was a valued friend and colleague and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again if circumstances needed her skill set. Lucky people who get to work with her!”

    Clare Jeffrey | Imibala Trust
  • “Morgan is an incredibly dedicated individual and her charismatic personality is a joy to work with. No matter the problem, Morgan tackles it decisively and with a positive attitude. Morgan is a great asset to any team and I hope to work with her again in the future.”
    Chris Brady | public sector
  • “Morgan’s work ethic speaks for itself. She is not only a joy to work with but she gives 100% in everything she does because she truly believes in her projects and the companies she aligns herself with.
    Alisha Carzoli | Natural Life
  • “I have been working with Morgan for over a year now and can attest to her wonderful work ethic and enthusiasm for what she does. Her work is always meticulous and she is always professional. I highly recommend Morgan to anyone who is in need of the services she provides.”
    Ankia Muller | Imibala Restaurant & Arts (Pty) Ltd.
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Morgan at the University of North Florida. At that time, she was managing an over $4M budget process through which she demonstrated an incredible work ethic, a knack for accounting and expense planning, and a sincere desire to serve and satisfy all her stakeholders. The passion Morgan has for people and her incredible intellect, make her an exceptionally capable individual and one whom I would highly recommend.”
    Joseph Turner | CIT Bank
  • “Morgan is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. Morgan multitasks effectively and is able to handle a high-volume workload. She was a critical team member to the success of our MoneyShow University Orlando. Morgan is a hardworking, top-performing marketing professional. She has my highest recommendation!”
    Jordan Berger | MoneyShow 

MDK Bookkeeping Checklist and Workbook

MDK Bookkeeping-checklist-
Feel like you’ve got a knack for accounting and can’t afford or you’re not ready for a full-time bookkeeper yet? Then this checklist and/or workbook and training pack is for you! Perfect for start-ups and small business owners wanting to get on top of their finances and make sure they’re prepared when tax season rolls around. This checklist and workbook below will give you all that you need to set up your accounting system and get started on the right foot.
Looking to go even deeper? Check out my all-inclusive DIY bookkeeping workbook including training, accounting material and so much more. 

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